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Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy

This is a package insurance which covers the following set of perils:

Perils Covered:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion / Implosion
  • Aircraft damage
  • Riot, Strike, Malicious damage (RSMD Perils)
  • Storm, Tempest, Flood, Inundation, Hurricane,Cyclone, Typhoon and Tornado. (STFI)
  • Impact by any Rail/ Road vehicle or animal belonging to third parties.
  • Subsidence / Landslide including rockslide.
  • Bursting and / or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus.
  • Leakage form Automatic Sprinkler Installation. Missile Testing Operation.
  • Pollution or contamination resulting from any of the above perils.
  • Any insured peril resulting from pollution and contamination.
  • Bush Fire